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Free Software Promotion vs Bugs

A post about how the bugs that affect every-day stuff a regular user do can keep advocates and activists from effectively promoting the use of Free Software to regular end users.

BOINC on Sabayon

If you arrived at this post because you are having trouble with BOINC, check the date of the post... the problems I had recently may already be fixed by the time you read this. That being said, I'll post some notes about how to get BOINC installed on Sabayon 5.2 (either x86 or amd64). The [...]

Hack Around Sabayon's Weak Download Utility

Since I started using Sabayon AMD64 as my distro on my PC, I noticed it was always a headache to download package databases or large files from Sabayon repositories, which means commands like equo update and equo hop <branch-name> always failed. Since I would always leave the updater running in some console and continue doing [...]