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Embed Python and Import Modules in C/C++

This is a post I owe a friend since ever. In one of our defunct hacklab meetings, we had an extensive talk about Python including many things I had never heard of like lists by compression. Yet, a topic that was left aside was embedding Python in C/C++ code, which we all knew was possible [...]

FeedToJoomla Project Announcement

Some weeks ago I posted about a little script I coded to create a Planet-like solution for blog subscribers that would integrate with Joomla. I then decided to share this project, which from now on will be named FeedToJoomla, as Free Software on my brand new gitHub repository so that anybody having the same need [...]

Feeding Nightmare

Don't worry my friends: despite of the title of this post, I've been eating ok. The problem was not about food this time, it was about RSS Feeds and some libraries that deal with those, which I had to use for a project recently. I needed a blog-planet-like solution for a website we are mounting [...]