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KDE Developer Meetings are Not Easy

You thought you had seen every post about Randa Meetings in 2014, right? Or perhaps you posted about Randa and thought you were super late? Well, abandon all hope: this is the definitive latest post about Randa Meetings 2014 :D

Kig on Frameworks!

Truly magic things happens in Randa :) After months of suffering, reading porting notes, asking questions in the KDE Frameworks mailing list, bugging people in IRC, questioning if my purpose in life was really to be a programmer, etc; I was finally able to port Kig to KDE Frameworks 5. If you don't know what KDE [...]

Developers in Randa

While Elon Musk has committed himself to the task of putting a human in Mars in the next couple of years, KDE has set itself to a similar goal in a shorter scale: putting a (large) bunch of KDE developers, including me, in Randa, Switzerland for the traditional Randa Meetings. While this is my first [...]

Multiple Compilers with CMake and KDevelop

I my recent endeavor to shut down all warnings in Kig, I found myself in the need to compile the code in GCC 4.7, GCC 4.8 and Clang. It took me a couple of searches to find out exactly what I wanted and, although it is very easy to set up, it is probably not [...]

Software for Real People

I try to follow Planet KDE as close as my buggy mobile RSS reader allows me to, and I frequently see posts start with phrases like I haven't been able to dedicate much time to KDE lately because I've been busy with real life which is a very misleading phrase, for a number of reasons: [...]

Patch Plugin for KDevelop

Ever since I first wrote about KDevelop I've been using and contributing to this great IDE. While contributing, I have been focusing on making KDE Development as simple and integrated as possible, patching and improving the ReviewBoard plugin, the KDE provider for project imports, and other things here and there. But I had never really [...]

The Kuest for Kalendars

A rather long post about many improvements to calendar-related issues I've been working on in KDE.

Testing Network Manager 0.9 and Plasma Network Manager Applet in Portage/Gentoo based Distributions

I've recently put a lot of work on testing the new Network Manager 0.9 and the Plasma NM Applet, and after much research, I thought I'd put up condensed instructions for people willing to test these out and help the developers get much feedback from users.

My Visit to The Netherlands

Some notes about my recent visit to The Netherlands where I had a chance to meet important people from the FLOSS Community in that country.

Free Software Promotion vs Bugs

A post about how the bugs that affect every-day stuff a regular user do can keep advocates and activists from effectively promoting the use of Free Software to regular end users.