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FeedToJoomla Project Announcement

Some weeks ago I posted about a little script I coded to create a Planet-like solution for blog subscribers that would integrate with Joomla. I then decided to share this project, which from now on will be named FeedToJoomla, as Free Software on my brand new gitHub repository so that anybody having the same need […]

Wolfram Alpha's End of the Road

Since I started using Mathworld heavily for my personal training on Mathematical Olympiads I've been a great fan of Stephen Wolfram. I then learned about Free Software and looked back at the days I admired Mathematica as the ultimate tool for high end computing and wished it was distributed as Free Software. Yet it is […]

Free Compiz Fusion

I remember a couple of years back when I started using GNU/Linux: Ubuntu's 7.04 was probably the flagship of the GNU/Linux movement, encouraging people to use "Linux for human beings" (that probably meant I wasn't a human being since I had been using Debian Sarge for a couple of months before the 7.04 release) and […]

Free Software and Education

Yesterday I attended to an event at a local University where my friends from the Ubuntu Loco Team did some talks on Free Software. One of the talks, the one I considered the most intersting of them all was about Free Software in Education. My friend Eivar Montenegro talked about the importance of Free Software […]

Richard Stallman and the Church of Emacs in Panama

Well, today was the day and finally Richard Stallman came to Panama to do a talk on Free Software at the City of Knowledge auditorium, which gathered a very large number of members of the Scientific and Programming communities. It was very interesting, even though I had already heard the same speech last year at […]