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Bluetooth and the Year of the Linux Desktop

First, my flame disclaimer: This is not a constructive post, it is just me letting off some steam accumulated while figuring out how to configure a Bluetooth microphone to record my voice in Gentoo Linux. You won't find a HOWTO here (I will probably post one soon), just some ranting going over a topic a [...]

Leading by Example

A couple of months ago Floss-Pa was invited to an event at Colon. I attended the event with fellow members Monica Mora and Alejandro Perez. The event was amazing (I should have blogged about it but was very short on time those days) and I actually had my slides ready before arriving (whoever knows me [...]

E-Mails are not Free Software

This is one of those things I have always wanted to say in a mailing list but it is not the appropriate place to do it because, you know, feelings and all of that intangible stuff. Fortunately, my blog is my own private place where I can actually rant about everything and be mean, so [...]

Electrocuting Modern Elephants

Finally my position about SOPA, ACTA, PIPA and friends... it was about time to jump into the flame war, wasn't it?

It Works... For the Power Users

A couple of recent events had me thinking again about the fact that we, the power users developing Free Software, may lose the focus when it comes to tools for the regular end user. Here's another inflammatory post about my thoughts on this.

Free Software Promotion vs Bugs

A post about how the bugs that affect every-day stuff a regular user do can keep advocates and activists from effectively promoting the use of Free Software to regular end users.

The Drug Market in Sports and Software

There's a strong fight against the use of drugs and steroids in sports, but what about Proprietary Software and software patents in the IT Business? Aren't we overlooking those?

About Software Hacktivism and Double Morals

After the very commented rant against my university for it's triple moral, I'd say it's fair to flame everyone doing alike, even if that means flaming people from my own community, or my own friends (otherwise I would have a double moral too). So here I go: By taking a look at di3go's blog, you [...]

About an Embarrassing Triple Moral

As a programmer, I'm used to the boolean data type of many programming languages. It's main advantage is the ease of working knowing it may only be in one of two states: true or false. Yet, binary states has been proven not that useful on some areas of sciences such as circuit designs, and the [...]

Free Software Stands for Itself

As a member of the Free Software Community of Panama, I attend to a lot of Free Software events and showcases, whether to support my friends or to give a talk, and something that usually bothers me from the talks I hear, in general, are phrases like "<name of a free/open source software> is the [...]