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Update SVN Connectors in Eclipse Helios

A small post about a problem I recently found when trying to update Eclipse's plugins with SVN Connectors installed.

Using WebKit and Eclipse Helios

If you are testing Firefox 4 and also using Eclipse, as I am, then you may have lost your browser capabilities in Eclipse, depending on your installation method. That's because it depends on XulRunner 1.x while Firefox 4 uses Xulrunner 2. I had two good reasons to try out integrating newest Xulrunner into Eclipse: one [...]

Feeding Nightmare

Don't worry my friends: despite of the title of this post, I've been eating ok. The problem was not about food this time, it was about RSS Feeds and some libraries that deal with those, which I had to use for a project recently. I needed a blog-planet-like solution for a website we are mounting [...]