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Cross Correlation Using FFTW3

A quick guide to implement Cross Correlation in C using FFTW3, based on my thesis project.

Embed Python and Import Modules in C/C++

This is a post I owe a friend since ever. In one of our defunct hacklab meetings, we had an extensive talk about Python including many things I had never heard of like lists by compression. Yet, a topic that was left aside was embedding Python in C/C++ code, which we all knew was possible [...]

XQilla Project - XSLT 2.0 and XPath 2.0 for C++

When it comes down to XML, everybody knows Java is one of the most powerful programming languages to deal with this format. The Java XML API, the documentation and the size of projects such as Xerces, Xalan and Saxon make Java an excellent option to work with XML. But then again, I'm not a Java [...]

Language Uniformity - Bug or Feature?

I recently read an interesting interview to Martin Odersky, Scala creator, at Computer World's A-Z of Programming Languages interview series. Beyond all the buzz this interview and a similar one to Clojure brought around this new trend of bringing Functional Programming to mainstream, there was one question that caught my attention and drove me to [...]

Strict Weak Ordering in a Tree Data Structure

This post presents an idea of a strict weak ordering definition for elements in a set of nodes from a tree data structure. After presenting the main idea, there's an example of some XPath queries that could be used in an XML document to achieve this ordering plus some complexity notes on the algorithms. Assume [...]