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Genkernel and AUFS for Writable Live Media in Gentoo

If you want to create Live Media (LiveCD or LiveUSB) with writable contents out of a Gentoo box, you can use genkernel to set up a kernel for that, but it can be tricky due to the lack of documentation.

The Kuest for Kalendars

A rather long post about many improvements to calendar-related issues I've been working on in KDE.

Sphinx and Jinja with Documentation on Gentoo

Quick post about the doc flag in portage and emerging sphinx and jinja.

All On Cross Domain Scripting

Not really... There's a lot of information about Cross Domain, I'm just posting about headers you can use to set up Cross Domain Scripting in your web server. This information is all over the web, but I couldn't find a place with all of these options compiled into a single documentation, so here it is.

Testing Network Manager 0.9 and Plasma Network Manager Applet in Portage/Gentoo based Distributions

I've recently put a lot of work on testing the new Network Manager 0.9 and the Plasma NM Applet, and after much research, I thought I'd put up condensed instructions for people willing to test these out and help the developers get much feedback from users.

My Visit to The Netherlands

Some notes about my recent visit to The Netherlands where I had a chance to meet important people from the FLOSS Community in that country.

GNU/Linux on Modest Hardware

Short post about my experience installing GNU/Linux on a Celeron M Acer laptop with a few MBs of RAM.

It Works... For the Power Users

A couple of recent events had me thinking again about the fact that we, the power users developing Free Software, may lose the focus when it comes to tools for the regular end user. Here's another inflammatory post about my thoughts on this.

Free Software Promotion vs Bugs

A post about how the bugs that affect every-day stuff a regular user do can keep advocates and activists from effectively promoting the use of Free Software to regular end users.

Events that Empower the Community

Well, I must say I seldom post about events... I just think events happen and anybody interested should have attended. But FUDCon was different, in many ways. I'm extremely happy about it and I want to share some of the reasons why. This is also a congratulations post for my friend Alejandro Perez: Keep up the good work!