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Multiple Compilers with CMake and KDevelop

I my recent endeavor to shut down all warnings in Kig, I found myself in the need to compile the code in GCC 4.7, GCC 4.8 and Clang. It took me a couple of searches to find out exactly what I wanted and, although it is very easy to set up, it is probably not [...]

Leading by Example

A couple of months ago Floss-Pa was invited to an event at Colon. I attended the event with fellow members Monica Mora and Alejandro Perez. The event was amazing (I should have blogged about it but was very short on time those days) and I actually had my slides ready before arriving (whoever knows me [...]

Software for Real People

I try to follow Planet KDE as close as my buggy mobile RSS reader allows me to, and I frequently see posts start with phrases like I haven't been able to dedicate much time to KDE lately because I've been busy with real life which is a very misleading phrase, for a number of reasons: [...]

Patch Plugin for KDevelop

Ever since I first wrote about KDevelop I've been using and contributing to this great IDE. While contributing, I have been focusing on making KDE Development as simple and integrated as possible, patching and improving the ReviewBoard plugin, the KDE provider for project imports, and other things here and there. But I had never really [...]

E-Mails are not Free Software

This is one of those things I have always wanted to say in a mailing list but it is not the appropriate place to do it because, you know, feelings and all of that intangible stuff. Fortunately, my blog is my own private place where I can actually rant about everything and be mean, so [...]

A Trip Through Sozi

This is a guest post about Sozi, with a sample presentation made by my best friend Katherine Matthews. This should get you going with this amazing plugin for Inkscape.

Notes on Plugin Development in ProjectPier

Quick notes about developing plugins for ProjectPier 0.8.8. I expect to be able to merge these notes into the official documentation, but in the meantime, I'll put these in my blog.

Electrocuting Modern Elephants

Finally my position about SOPA, ACTA, PIPA and friends... it was about time to jump into the flame war, wasn't it?

Genkernel and AUFS for Writable Live Media in Gentoo

If you want to create Live Media (LiveCD or LiveUSB) with writable contents out of a Gentoo box, you can use genkernel to set up a kernel for that, but it can be tricky due to the lack of documentation.

The Kuest for Kalendars

A rather long post about many improvements to calendar-related issues I've been working on in KDE.