My real name is David E. Narváez, born in Panama City, Panama on June 16th 1988. I’ve been programming since I was 8 years old (back then using Visual Basic Macros on MS Word… nowadays I hate Visual Basic in any of its various evil forms). I got involved into Mathematics through the OPM in late high school which made Mathematics my other big interest.  I’m currently interested in the mix of both programming and math which is Computer Sciences. These are some of my more specific interests in each category:

Programming: My main programming language is C++, yet I’ve done plenty work on other languages like : C, PHP, Java, Python so you may expect me to post on those languages too. My programming style is Object Oriented thus some of my favorite C++ tools are Qt for GUI creation and Boost Libraries for almost everything else, all of them Object Oriented.

Mathematics: During my time on Math Olympiads as a contestant (I’m still in the business as a trainer for the Panamanian teams) I learned to love Geometry. Nowadays my interests span from Geometry to Partial Differential Equations to Discrete Math.

Computer Sciences: I’m interseted in almost everything on Computer Sciences, but my main area is Computatinal Complexity (still as an amateur on the topic, yet I wish to pursue a title on it). All other related areas like Computational Mathematics, Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics and Information Theory are also in my range of interest.

I’m  a Free Software activist, and a GNU/Linux user. These are the distros I’m currently using (expect this list to change frequently though):

  • Sabayon Linux 64 bits (on my Dell Inspiron 15z Ultrabook)
  • Gentoo Linux 64 bits (on my Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop)
  • Ubuntu 32 bits (on my main PC)
  • Debian 32 bits (on a small PC I use as router/server/storage)