Kig on Frameworks!

Truly magic things happens in Randa :) After months of suffering, reading porting notes, asking questions in the KDE Frameworks mailing list, bugging people in IRC, questioning if my purpose in life was really to be a programmer, etc; I was finally able to port Kig to KDE Frameworks 5.

If you don't know what KDE Frameworks are, then all you need to know is that it is the hot new stuff from the KDE community to C++ programmers. The port is far from being complete, but the code at least compiles and is able to open the first file, which is a huge milestone considering that I have been unable to build the codebase at all since I started porting in January. As I did this, I contributed a lot of documentation to the Porting Notes so that the next brave soul to port her application to KDE Frameworks can have answers to most of the questions.

Kig on Frameworks

Kig running on Framworks - with a bug that painted the whole thing black. Don't worry, it is fixed now!

Special thanks go to everyone that made these Randa meetings possible, and to Andreas Cord-Landwehr, who kept my motivation up by telling me he would finish his Artikulate port before I was done finishg my Kig port. Honestly, I am not sure who won because we did not set a standard of quality for this competition so he was able to compile and show a window with one tool bar before I was able to compile my port, but my port once running was able to show a bit more than a toolbar.

But the port to KDE Frameworks 5 is not the only exciting thing happening in Kig: the Google Summer of Code coding period is almost over and Aniket's project about Geogebra support is in good shape, so you will soon see this integrated into the code; although we still need to decide about the right strategy to make this available to our user base. Keep tuned for more Kig info!

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