Developers in Randa

While Elon Musk has committed himself to the task of putting a human in Mars in the next couple of years, KDE has set itself to a similar goal in a shorter scale: putting a (large) bunch of KDE developers, including me, in Randa, Switzerland for the traditional Randa Meetings.

While this is my first post in the KDE planet in a long, long while, I haven't been entirely away from KDE development (although my Masters has taken a large chunk of my available time for FLOSS contributions) and I wanted to spend my (northern hemisphere) Summer developing some of the ideas I had in mind for KDE software and KDE Edu in particular. Unfortunately, Akademy this year will be held during my classes, so I decided to attend the Randa Meetings instead. There, I expect to work with my GSoC student to finalize the project we have around Kig, finish up the migration of Kig to KDE Frameworks which I started a couple of months ago, and prototype a new educational software called Workbook which I will explain in a separate post.

And like me, many other developers in KDE are attending the Randa Meetings this year with different plans and projects but with the common goal of improving KDE and Free Software in general. But this means  we need to put real money to make this meeting happen, and this is where you can help: you still have a couple of days to donate to our fundraiser to pay for the costs of these meetings. Help us spread the word and reach our funding goal!

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