Wiki Loves Monuments Panama Provider for KDE Plasma Picture of the Day

It all started during our last FLISoL when Ricardo Chung commented, while looking at the calendars we sell with pictures from Wiki Loves Monuments Panamá 2012, that we were missing a desktop integration. In case you didn't know, I'm head of the technical team behind WLMPA, which is a team comprised of... well, me, and I thought two things: that was hell of a great idea, and it had to be simple to integrate to KDE Plasma's Picture of the Day code.

I then went back home and started hacking on the Picture of the Day code and found out it wasn't that simple to extend - actually, the code is not meant to be extended so technically everything I did is wrong. Still, I was able to mostly guess by examples and create some code that would fetch pictures from WLMPA using a precalculated database. The code is now available at my KDE scratch repository, and should be easy to build provided you have some Git + CMake + KDE experience. Users of Debian-based distros will find this patch useful when the linking error appears.

Yet, I thought it was a good oportunity to start messing around with OpenSuse's Open Build Services so I finally set up an account and worked a whole week to make it compile for a couple of platforms. At the time of this writing, I've been able to compile it for OpenSuse and Fedora but not for Ubuntu and already gave up and will focus on working with the Plasma team to make this whole Picture of the Day idea truly extensible. I will make a separate post about OBS and my experiences with it, hopefully soon.