A Trip Through Sozi

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... I was frustrated by our lack of creativity in presentations and the fact that we were basically stuck with the slide show paradigm. I was then pointed to Prezi, but I do hate flash with all my heart, so a Flash based alternative - although the idea of zooming presentations seemed to be novel - was not good enough.

Then  I learned about Sozi, a plugin for Inkscape to do zooming presentations based on SVG. Brilliant! That's a way to stretch the standard. I was very excited about it, yet I don't have the creativity or the expertise in Inkscape to truly give you a tutorial about that. But I know the one who knows, so I asked my best friend Katherine Matthews if she wanted to do an intro post about Sozi, and she did something better: she did a Sozi presentation for my blog :D Click on the image to go through the presentation, and enjoy!