Update SVN Connectors in Eclipse Helios

Recently, I started having trouble with Software Updates in Eclipse Helios. It was all related to an update to the SVN Connectors, and today I finally found a solution inspired on a post I found on the web. I'm posting here a different approach as I think the problem is actually different (I was trying an update, not a fresh install):

If, when trying to update your installation, you get errors related to SVN connectors and something like

Missing requirement: Subversive SVN Connectors 2.2.2.I20101203-1700 (org.polarion.eclipse.team.svn.connector.feature.group 2.2.2.I20101203-1700) requires ‘org.eclipse.team.svn.feature.group [0.7.9.I20101001-1700,1.0.0)’ but it could not be found

Go to Windows -> Preferences -> Install/Update -> Available Software and you should see a site whose location is http://download.eclipse.org/technology/subversive/0.7/update-site/ and is probably unchecked. By checking that and then going to Help -> Check for Updates everytyhing should be working fine in your update.