BOINC on Sabayon

If you arrived at this post because you are having trouble with BOINC, check the date of the post... the problems I had recently may already be fixed by the time you read this. That being said, I'll post some notes about how to get BOINC installed on Sabayon 5.2 (either x86 or amd64).

The first stumble block you'll probably find after doing the obvious equo install boinc is that your BOINC manager won't start from your application menu. For that, check this bug report, which, in short, explains you need to install wxGtk to get the manager working (equo install wxgtk).

After your manager shows up from your application menu, there are still a couple of things you need to do: One of the problems is that it'll try to find the boinc command in your home folder. Another annoying thing could be that it'll use some probably randomly chosen folder as the data folder (in my case, it used my Downloads folder). I googled around for the easiest way to change those two things, but found no info on what file should I edit to fix that, so here's my proposed fix:

Create the folder where you want your data files to be stored. In my case, I created a .boinc folder in my home folder. Next, use kmenuedit in your console to edit the boinc entry so that the command executed reads

boincmgr -e /usr/bin -d <the data folder you chose>

For example, I have

boincmgr -e /usr/bin -d ~/.boinc

After that, you should be able to run the BOINC Manager from your application menu without much trouble. If it doesn't, then something probably happened to the passwords used by the server and the client that caused a mismatch between them. The server password is stored at /var/lib/boinc/gui_auth_rpc.cfg, while the client password is stored in a file named gui_auth_rpc.cfg located at the data folder you chose. Edit both of them so that the contents match (contents may be empty too), remembering that the former needs super user privileges to be accessed.

And that's it, happy volunteer computing!