About Software Hacktivism and Double Morals

After the very commented rant against my university for it's triple moral, I'd say it's fair to flame everyone doing alike, even if that means flaming people from my own community, or my own friends (otherwise I would have a double moral too). So here I go:

By taking a look at di3go's blog, you can tell by the widget he posted a few months back that he's supporting the Windows 7 Sins campaign. What you can't tell from that info is that he is actually a Windows 7 user. Why? Because there are some games that require Windows 7 to run (Post edited because of comment #2). Is that enough reason to install a systems that actively harms users' freedom and stands against everything Free Software stands for? Well, certainly for him it is, and honestly, I don't blame him for that as I strongly believe everyone is free to price it's own freedom: if I had a legal copy of Mathematica that would only run on Windows 7, I myself would think twice before rejecting the idea of installing it. Yet if so was the case, I wouldn't be posting widgets against Windows 7 just to look nice in front of the Free Software Communities that check my blog. Free Software Hacktivism is not about posting widgets: If the Free Software Foundation was to convince every Windows or Mac OS user to post an FSF widget on their personal pages, that wouldn't mean the fight for Software Freedom would be over, because they would still be using proprietary software. Campaign Hactivism against a particular Software is about actively rejecting it, yet installing it is far from the cause, even if it's done by means of an illegal copy because, as everyone in the IT business knows, it still benefits the company, and someone that is not up to that sacrifice for whatever reason (I know lots of people that have affinity with the Free Software movement but are forced to use Proprietary Software at their jobs or for their studies) should stay out of the campaign and maybe help Free Software in other aspects.

So for someone like di3go, who is well known for calling other Linux starters "Linux Wannabes", it's very low to both post a Windows 7 Sins widget and installing Windows 7 as that would turn him into what I'd call a "Campaign Hacktivist Wannabe", which is a lot worst than being a "Linux Wannabe" as it insults real hacktivists like those in Boston fighting at the courts and writing open letters to companies (see the campaign's web site for more information). And once again, this is certainly not about using Windows 7 (I myself have an install of Windows XP for reasons I'm no longer sure of), but about hypocrisy which is something I already said I openly reject. As for me, I removed my link to his blog at least temporally, as I don't want to be part of that mock-up.