Wiiuse Library Fix

A couple of days back I noticed that the wiiuse library, which worked perfectly for me last month, was suddenly broken. I was not sure if it was because of a kernel upgrade or any other package, yet it was obvious that it had something to do with the source code of the library. I googled around for help, and found no useful info, so I started tracing the bug: I checked everything from the bluez APIs to BSD socket libraries to see if they were properly used in the library, and they seemed to be. I even isolated the failing code and tried it out in a sample program that was surprisingly working perfectly. I was very lost, since I couldn't reproduce the bug not even in the same computer. Yet, I learned a lot about making Bluetooth connections, and you would be amazed of how easy it is to setup one.

But I just googled again (this time with different search terms) and found a solution almost right away :P This post


gives a fast and effective solution to the problem, so I'm back working on my Wiimote projects again. I hope this fix gets incorporated soon into the project's code, but I doubt so as I  haven't seen much activity in that code since I started working on it.