Hack Around Sabayon's Weak Download Utility

Since I started using Sabayon AMD64 as my distro on my PC, I noticed it was always a headache to download package databases or large files from Sabayon repositories, which means commands like equo update and equo hop <branch-name> always failed. Since I would always leave the updater running in some console and continue doing my stuff, I would never see the error coming. Until I said enough was enough: I ran equo hop 5 to see what happened in the whole processed and found out it dies at some point while downloading files. I saw a couple of bug reports on that, but I came up with a different workaround.

I thought that the connection probably died because I was trying to download from a mirror in Europe, and equo's download tool wasn't smart enough to reconnect and keep downloading in case something went wrong. I also noticed it spits out the URL it's downloading from and the location in my file system where the files would be downloaded. Since I knew there was no tool smarter than wget, I set up a folder on my local directory and ran wget -r http://svn.sabayonlinux.org/entropy/standard/sabayonlinux.org/database/amd64/5 which downloaded LOTS of files (even files I didn't want to download, so if you are going to use this how-to, be sure to tune up your command, as this command downloaded everything in the SVN repo... poor server). After I started the download, and while I was waiting for the 250+ Mb package.db file, I noticed it would have been better to download only the bzipped versions of the package database files, so that would have saved me time too. Anyways, I left that download overnight, copied downloaded files to proper location (/var/lib/entropy/client/database/amd64/sabayonlinux.org/standard/amd64/5) and ran equo hop 5 again. As I suspected, it only checked for the bzipped versions of the package database files and extracted those, so I reallty didn't need to download all the big files from server. After that, it said it had successfully hopped to branch 5 and I started updating world.