Why Blogging?

So let my first blog post be about why is it that a guy like me, who's actually very socially disabled,  wants to blog. Well, the reason why I blog... and I think everyone that has something intelligent to say should blog, is because the internet is becoming more than a browsable collection of static web pages or a communications engine (which was the original reason my friends from the US Army created it).  Internet is now a fully functional stream of information (most... let  me state that again, MOST of it unuseful) and is becoming the greatest challenge among Computer Scientist and related professionals to:

1) Filter the Web out of unuseful information (which then leads us to the question of what's useful information which is of course subjective).

2) Group unconnected pieces of information that refer to the same topic (say someone else in the world is blogging about Gentoo or Eclipse as I do, but I don't know about that other person) so that searching by topic can lead to meaningful results.

So I see blogs as one of the most important pieces of unconnected information out there, and the more blogs we have, the more information we share and the more data we have to test information retrieval algorithms.

Two good examples are that blog you found after hours trying to fix some configuration in your computer, which solved everything in 4 lines; and that blog where you read everything about the next headline news before even buying your local newspaper.

So this is mainly a call for anyone out there that has information to share: blog it, there's someone else in the world that will appreciate that info.