Richard Stallman and the Church of Emacs in Panama

Well, today was the day and finally Richard Stallman came to Panama to do a talk on Free Software at the City of Knowledge auditorium, which gathered a very large number of members of the Scientific and Programming communities. It was very interesting, even though I had already heard the same speech last year at IEEE's CERMA '08 at Mexico: Besides having some new political stuff to mention on Freedom and all (like the situation at Honduras and the "Tegucigolpe"), the main difference with last year's speech was the appearance of Saint IGNUcius and the Church of Emacs, and all of the hilarious stuff behind it. People looked very satisfied and interested in the Free Software topic (and some of them discovered Richard Stallman wrote Emacs) so I think it was a great success. Of course, as we Panamanians are very used to, the round of questions was poor enough including a question on a comparisson between GNU/Linux and BSD/Linux...

After the event, RMS  had a photo session with the crowd, so some of the members of the Free Software Community including me had a chance to take pictures with him. It was also a great chance for me to make some contacts on some of the projects we have to get rolling soon in my University.

Some extra news from the event are that RMS bidded a stuffed toy Ñu, which someone bought on $130 even though none of my friends thought the initial price of $50 was even logical. But everything is possible in the Programming business :)