My New Wiimote

A couple of months back I started to gain interest on the possibility to experiment new stuff on virtual reality and visualization using 3D Mouses. Back then I was inspired by the work of Johnny Chung Lee at Carnegie Mellon whose work on the subject is quite extensive and is all based on the Wiimote so I started playing with one of the drivers at my best friend's house (who has a Nintendo Wii) where we discovered some of the features and capabilities of it when coupled with a driver (too bad the code was in C#.NET but we survived the code inspection) plus some interesting algorithms to calculate 3D positions and all.

So I was really intersted in the project and it's applications and after many months of thinking and saving, I finally have a good way to put together a project that is good enough to spend some money on a Wiimote which I won't use to play on the Wii (I consider the Wii to be one of the greatest steps back in the gaming industry except for it's controller, which is not even great technology but it's interesting at least) and I bought today a Wiimote and will start playing around with it.

(not my) Wiimote

(not my) Wiimote

My first testings will be very basic: I first have to test my Bluetooth connection (last time I had to deal with it on my Frugalware Linux, things weren't working that ok, so let's see what chances are in Sabayon), then start testing the driver (using the provided GUI to test the features and info from the Wiimote) and then coupling it with some visualization tests using OpenGL.

Next steps will be bigger, as I need some infrared LED's to help the Wiimote locate itself in space and after I get full 3D localization, I can integrate some Physics Engine stuff (I'll also post about Physics engines soon, I hope) and build my interesting project, which I'll post about when everything is in place to start (let's not spoil my friends out there yet ;)). I'll keep you all posted on the results!