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KDE Edu Sprint 2017

Two weeks, two posts. Lets see how long I can keep up with this! Last weekend I was part of the KDE Edu Sprint 2017 in the Endocode offices in Berlin, just a couple of days before the Qt World Summit, which was actually my first KDE Edu sprint (if you do not count Randa […]

KDE at Ohio Linux Fest 2017

It's been a long time! I have been very busy with my PhD but this particular semester I have more time to volunteer to KDE so I thought the fact that the Ohio Linux Fest was happening close to me was a good opportunity to do some KDE promo in USA. I ended up being […]

Drawing a Graph Based on Projective Geometry and Galois Fields Using Maxima

As many of you know, I spent most of my last two years working on Ramsey theory for my master's thesis. I took on several subprojects around graph theory and mathematical programming so now that it is done, I thought I would share some of the things I learned in the process. In this post, […]

KDE Developer Meetings are Not Easy

You thought you had seen every post about Randa Meetings in 2014, right? Or perhaps you posted about Randa and thought you were super late? Well, abandon all hope: this is the definitive latest post about Randa Meetings 2014 :D

Kig on Frameworks!

Truly magic things happens in Randa :) After months of suffering, reading porting notes, asking questions in the KDE Frameworks mailing list, bugging people in IRC, questioning if my purpose in life was really to be a programmer, etc; I was finally able to port Kig to KDE Frameworks 5. If you don't know what KDE […]

Digital Segregation

If you live in the so called 3rd world countries, you often come across media that is not available for your location. Every time I saw those, I thought of Tim Berner-Lee's Internet and what it has become. Everybody that is not profiting from the business decision around these artificial boundaries hates those and, even […]

Shell Access to your Raspberry Pi over Bluetooth

I wanted to be able to shell into my RPi without the hassle of carrying a keyboard and HDMI display with me all the time - after all, that's why that thing is supposed to be portable. A  network cable was OK, but not the ideal solution because it is enough hassle to connect that […]

Developers in Randa

While Elon Musk has committed himself to the task of putting a human in Mars in the next couple of years, KDE has set itself to a similar goal in a shorter scale: putting a (large) bunch of KDE developers, including me, in Randa, Switzerland for the traditional Randa Meetings. While this is my first […]

Why Not ?

I thought I would write a post clarifying why I don't  use whatever is the next hype in chat clients because people ask these questions way too often and, while the answer is not so complicated, I'm just too lazy to explain this verbally. The answer is: I want to use an open protocol with […]

Open Letter to CSEdWeek About Hours of Code

I received an e-mail today about the Hours of Code initiative for this year's CSEdWeek. I have always been very enthusiastic about CSEdWeek and had made plans to participate in some way several times before. But going through the promotional text of this Hours of Code idea truly made me explode in anger, and send […]